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Washingtonian Appraisals is pleased to offer a wide range of services for your estate and property needs. We provide certified written appraisals in addition to less formal oral walkthrough appraisals.
Our certified written appraisals conform to the proper format required by the IRS, Courts and insurance companies. Each piece of property is carefully reviewed by our experts, catalogued and valued. Values are determined based on the type of appraisal. Insurance/replacement values are generally higher than market values.


A survey of all items. It has the purpose of making sure nothing of great value is overlooked. This is usually done as a precautionary measure, before an estate sale, or before entrusting the entire contents of an estate to an auctioneer.


This is usually for insurance adjusters. Is the claim reasonable? What was the true nature and value of the object of the claim? We also provide opinions to law firms regarding other appraisals and estimates.

Official USPAP Appraisal

This is the type of appraisal required for all official business
-Insurance -Lending -IRS & tax purposes -Estate valuation -Estate distribution -Divorce -Dissolutions -Bankruptcies

Cost of Services

Our rates are the most competitive in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Formal Market Value Appraisals and/or Official Insurance Value Appraisals are charged at the standard rate of $175/hour plus expenses. If the client is located more than 20 miles from Washington DC travel time is charged.

Please contact us for your free consultation regarding the services you require.

TIP: Reputable appraisers charge by the hour. Never hire an appraiser who charges by a percentage of the items appraised. Be wary of fly-by-night appraisers who gain instant credibility by joining dubious appraisal societies. These organizations exist everywhere and membership is often obtained simply by filling in a membership form and sending it (and an accompanying check) to headquarters...






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